Products Guide

Steel Wires

  Typical Cross Sections of Wire Rope & Stand
  Steel Wire Rope 1  2   3  4  5  6  7 
  Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  Stainless Steel Wire Rope
  P.V.C. Coated Cable
  Zinc-Plating Tension Wire Rope
  Zinc-Plating Wire Rope for High Pressure Rubber Hose
  Zinc-Plating Wire Rope for Optical Fiber and Cable
  Rubber Belt Wire Rope
  Steel Cord for Tyre
  Inner Cable for Core Control Cable
  Rope Wire
  Spoke Wire
  Card-Clothing Wire
  Carbon Steel Spring Wire
  Bead Wire
  Steel Wire for High Pressure Rubber Hose
  Steel Wire Rope Slings and Nettings
  Comparison Table for Diameter of Wire and Wire Rope
  Wire Gage
  Ungalvanized & Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
  Control Cable of Automobile & Motor
  Galvanized Steel Strands
  PC Wires and Strands
  Steel Spring Wires
  Special Steel Wire

PE/PP/KP/Vinylon/Nyon Ropes

  PE/PP/KP/Vinylon/Nyon Ropes

Link Chains

  Ordinary Chain Mild Steel/Stainless steel
  U.S.A. Standard Chain Iron Steel/Steelless Steel
  Din Standard Chain Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
  Australian Standard Chain Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
  Korea Chain Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
  Norway Chain Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
  Boomer Chain Chain Assembly
  Skid Chain
  Coil Chain
  Machine Chain

Rigging Hardware

  Clevis Grab Hooks1   2
  Clevis Slip Hooks1   2
  Eye Grab Hooks1   2
  Eye Slip Hooks1   2
  Less Hooks
  Links Hooks
  Fire Brigade-Snap Hooks
  Spring Hooks
  Turnbuckles U.S. Federal Specification
  Large Dee Shackles
  Large Bow Shackles
  U.S. Anchor Shackles Load Rated
  Trawling Shackles Self Coloured Only US Type
  Trawling Shackles Self Colored Only
  Bolt Type Anchor and Chain Shackles
  U.S. Chain Shackles Round Pin and Screw Pin
  Thimbles US Type
  Malleable Wire Rope Clips US Type
  U.S. Type Drop Forged Clips Steel Case
  JIS Type Turnbuckles Frame Type
  Shackles Commercial Standard
  Wire Rope Clips,Malleable Case,Type B
  Galvanized Malleable Wire Rope Clips Type A
  Galvanized Thimbles
  Wire Rope Thimbles B.S. Standards
  Eye Screw
  Worm-Drive Hoseclip
  Malleable Wire Rope Clips
  Turnbuckles With Hook and Eye
  Wire Rope Clips with Cast Iron Cases,Galvanized
  JIS Type Drop Forged Steel Case
  European Type Large Dee Shackles
  European Type Large Bow Shackles
  Turnbuckles Commercial Type
  Rigging Screws
  Turnbuckle Hamburg Type
  Turnbuckle Special Type
  Links and hooks 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13