Products Guide

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

  Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

Plumbing Faucets Products

  Plumbing Faucets Products

Valves and Sanitary Fittings

  Forged and Casting Brass Valves
  Forged and Cast Brass Ball Cocks
  Flexible Hose
  Brass & Ni-Bronze Shower Draw
  Water Meters
  Brass Fittings
  Floating Valve
  C.P. Brass Pop-up
  PVC Valves

Stainless Steel Plumbing Fittings

  CLASS 200 Stainless Steel Globe Valve
  CLASS 200 Stainless Steel Gate Valve
  1-PC 800 WOG Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  2-PC 800 WOG Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  3-PC 800 WOG Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  CLASS 200 Stainless Steel Swing Globe Valve
  CLASS 200 'Y' Type Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve
  Mechanical Components

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittingss

  Unions Conical M/F
  Unions Conical B/W
  Unions Flat B/W
  Elbows 90o
  Round Caps
  Hexagon Head Caps
  Half Couplings O.D. Machined
  Hexagon Nuts
  Hose Nipples
  Reducing Tees
  Reducings Dlbows 90o
  Unions Conical F/F
  Unions Flat F/F
  Unions Flat M/F
  Unions Conical B/W
  Unions Conical F/F
  Unions Conical M/F
  Street Elbows 90o
  Elbows 45o
  Square Plugs
  Hexagon Nipples
  Socket Banded
  Coulings O.D. Machined
  Hexagon Bushings
  Reducing Socket Banded
  Reducing Hexagon Nipples
  Hexagon Plugs


  Electric Drive Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve
  Rubber-Lined Pneumatic Operated Butterfly Valve
  Swing Check Valves
  Cast Steel Globe Valves
  ANSI. API Gate Valves
  Ball Valve

Low Pressure Valves

  Non-Rishing Stem Wedge Gate Valve
  Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve
  Rising Stem Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
  Non-Rising Stem Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
  Swing Check Valve 1  2 
  Wafer-Type Butterfly Check Valve
  Flanged Butterfly Valve
  Wafer-Type Butterfly Valve 1   2 
  Double Chamber Air Relief Valve
  Quick Air Relief Valve

Faucets Products

  Faucet Series 1  2   3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
  Water Meter Box
  Cast Iron Pump Parts
  Water Meter Box & Cover
  Zinc Couping
  Other Casting & Forging Products
  Towel Rack Series
  Faucet Accessory Series
  Shower Series
  Shower Room
  Gas Valk Series 1  2  3 
  bass shower head
  sensor faucet
  shower head
  shower panel
  shower room
  sliding rod
  thermostatic faucet     2     3

Ductile and Iron Fittings

  Double Flanged 90o Bend
  Double Flanged 45o Bend
  Double Flanged 30o Bend
  Double Flanged 22-1/2o Bend
  Double Flanged 11-1/4o Bend
  Double Flanged 90o Long Radius Bend
  All Flanged Tee
  Double Flanged Taper Concentric Type
  Flanged Spigot
  Blank Flange
  Double Flanged 90o Duckfoot Bend
  All Flanged Crosses
  All Flanged 45o Angle Branches
  Flanged Bellmouths
  All Flanged Radial Tees Class K12
  Double Flanged Hatchboxes Class K14
  Pipe Blocks
  All Flanged Level Invert Tees Class K14
  Double Flanged Changed Pieces Class K12 Metric End
  Double Flanged Pipes With Integrally Cast Flanges
  Double Flanged Pipes With Integrally Cast Flanges and Puddle Flange
  Flanged Spigot Pieces
  Flanged Spigot Pieces With Integrally Cast Flange and Puddle Flange
  Double Socket 90o Bend
  Double Socket 22-1/2o Bend
  Double Socket 45o Bend
  Double Socket 11-1/4o Bend
  Double Socket 30o Bend
  All Socket Tee
  Double Socket Tee With Flanged Branch
  Collar-Mechanical Joint Ends
  Flanged Socket
  Double Socket Level Invert Tee With Flanged Branch
  Cap-Mechanical Joint
  Double Socket Taper
  Socket Crosses Class K14
  Tyton 45o Angle Branches Class K14
  Flange and Socket 90o Hydrant Duckfoot Bends Class k12
  Socket and Spigot Change Pieces Class K12 Metric End
  Change Spigots Class K12 Metric End
  Socket Caps
  Plugs for Sockets Class K12
  Straight Mechanical Couplings
  Tite-On Gaskets Push-On Joint Sockets
  Flange Adaptors
  Mechanical Joint Dimensions
  Ductile Iron Glands
  Ductile Iron T-Bolts and Nuts
  Standard Gasket SBR
  Rubber Gasket for Raised Faced Flange
  Mild Steel Bolts and Nuts

Plumbing Products

  Brass Gate Valves (I.P.S.)
  Brass Gate Valves (CXC)
  Bronze Gate Valves (I.P.S.) 200 W.O.G. 125-S
  Brass Ball Valves (I.P.S.) 300 WOG STD Port
  Brass Ball Valves (CXC) 200 WOG
  Bronze Ball Valves (I.P.S.) 600 WOG
  Bronze Ball Valve (CXC) 600 WOG
  Brass Swing Check Valves (I.P.S.)
  Brass Swing Check Valves (CXC)
  Brass Stop Valves (I.P.S.)
  Brass Stop Valves (CXC)
  Brass Stop and Waste Valves (I.P.S.)
  Brass Stop and Waste Valves (CXC)
  Brass Boiler Drains With Stuffing Box 65o Hose
  Brass Bolier Drains With Stuffing Box 90o Hose
  Brass Sill Cocks Fips X Hose
  Brass Sill Cocks Sweat X Hose
  Brass Hose Bibbs
  Frostproof Sill Cocks
  Female No-Kink Hose Bibbs
  Male No-Kink Hose Bibbs
  Brass Closet Floor Flanges
  Zinc-Plated Malleable Iron Compression Couplings
  Brass Plugs BP%
  PTFE Thread Seal Tape
  Angle Valves
  Straight Valves
  Bent Hose Garden Valves
  3-way angle stop valve
  air gas steam valve
  angle stop valve
  ball valve
  brass low pressure valve
  brass tubular&drain
  casting iron parts
  dual handle stop valve
  gate valve
  needle valve
  plumbing accessories
  pvc abs parts
  quick 14turn shutoff valve
  rubber coupling s.s clamp
  stainless steel alloy pvc braided connector
  straight stop valve

Cast Steel Products

  Filtrated Valve
  Gate valve
  Ball Valve
  Globe valve
  Check valve

Metals and Plastics Products

  Cast-iron Pipe Fittings
  Centrifugal Casting Ductile Iron Pipe
  Continuous Casting Ductile Iron Pipe
  Small Castings
  Products of Cast Iron