:: Rare Earth Silicide

Introduction: It is mainly used in metallurgy, steel-making and
foundry as additive. It can deoxidate, desulfurize , purify
liquid steel etc., so as to improve the performance of steel. The usual specification is as following:
(LA/TRE25-36% CE/TRE 45-50%)
SI 30-40% MN 1% MAX.
CA 2% MAX BA 1% MAX.
TI 0.5% MAX. MO 0.1% MAX.
PB 0.1% MAX.
SIZE: 0-1MM 1-10MM 10-20MM 90% MIN.
The content of TRE also can be 18-22% (LA/TRE 25-36% CE/TRE45-50%).

Rare Earth Silicide  

:: Si-Zr

Introduction: It is good additive for steel-making and we can supply the product with high content zirconium of 30% min. Zirconium can deoxidate, desulfurize liquid steel ete., so as to improve intensity and toughness of steel.

SI   42-52%
ZR  35-40%
AL 1.0% MAX.
C 0.1% MAX.
P 0.05% MAX.
S 0.02% MAX.
SIZE: 10-50MM 90% MIN.


:: Si-Ca Alloy Cored Wire

Si-Ca Alloy cored wire are used in steel making and pre-treatment of liquid iron. It can achieve the purpose of liquid steel deoxidation; desulfurization, alloy composition adjustment; treatment of changing properties and form of inclusion;increasing the cleanliness of liquid steel; improving the mechanical property of steel and reduction of production cost; increasing rate of alloying recovery; it can achieve <0.005% for content of sulphur in the liquid iron; it also was used in nodular cast iron with inoculant or spheroidizing.

Si-Ca Alloy Cored Wire  

:: Magnesium Alloy




Magnesium Alloy  

:: Extruded Magnesium Anodes




Extruded Magnesium Anodes  

:: Carbon Additive (Calcined Anthracite)

Introduction:We can supply two kinds of anthracite calcined by electricity and
gas.The detail specification is as following :

F.C. 92% MIN. ASH 7% MAX.
V.M. 1% MAX. S 0.50% MAX.

RESISTIVITY LESS THAN 650 OHM.MM2/M calcined by electricity
1410 OHM.MM2/M calcined by gas
The content of fixed carbon(F.C.) also can be 93%min or 95%min.The size of the product can be made according to the customer's requirement.

Carbon Additive (Calcined Anthracite)