Bricktore (Trapezoid Mesh)


Bricktore (Trapezoid Mesh) is chiefly used as padding in asbestor shingle and prefabricated components in constructions.At present we can serve Size 1/2'' and 3/4'' mesh of this kind.







Metal Wire Cloths & Fibre Bolting cloths



They are mainly used as the sieving and filtering media for powder,liquids and gases in the lines of petroleum,chemcial industry,mining, medicine,agricultural chemical,rubber,textile and foodstuff,etc.

The varieties availables;lron wire cloths,Brass wire cloths,Phosphor copper cloths,Stainless steel cloths,Silk bolting cloths,Mixed nylon-silk bolting cloths,Nylon-heald bolting cloths,Nylon-heald 1010 bolting cloths and Polyester bolting cloths,etc.