Products Guide


  Deadbolt Latches 1   2   3
  Mortise Lockset 1  2   3   4   5
  Rim Night Latches
  Zamak Door Handel 1   2   3   4   5   6
  Stainless Steel Door Handels 1   2   3
  Lock Body 1   2
  Knob Locks 1  2  3  4  5
  Handle Locks 1   2
  Deadbolt Locks
  Drawer Locks 1 2
  Pad Locks
  Glass Lock
  Bicycle Lock
  Motorcycle Lock
  Chain Lock
  Wire Lock
  Entrance Handle Locksets 1   2
  Mail-Box Lock
  Passage Lock
  Burglary Resistant Door Locks
  Electric Locks 1   2
  Door Closer
  Other Door Locks

Furniture Hardware

  Double Roller Catches
  Curtain-Rail Fitting Magnetic Catches Single and Double
  Double and Single Magnetic Push Latches Glass and Wood Door Hardware
  Concealed Holding Hinges and Shelf Supports
  Channel Steel Series
  Clamps and Hangers

Door Closer

  Door Closer 1   2  3   4   5 


  Bright Heavy Iron Hinges,Fixed Pin
  Bright Light Iron Hinges,Fixed Pin
  Bright Iron 'H' Hinges
  Bright Iron 'T' Hinges
  Bright Iron Square Hinges, Loose Pin
  Brass Plated Iron Square Hinges, Loose Pin Round Corner
  Bright Iron Offset 'H' Hinges
  Bright Iron Welding Hinges
  White Enamelled Iron Square Hinges, Loose Pin
  Brass Plated Iron Square Hinges,Loose Pin
  Door Spring With Rod
  Black Japanned Spring Hinges Double Action and Single Action
  Prime Coated Single Action Spring Hinges
  Two-Leaf Iron Flag Hinges
  Self Closing Spring Hinges
  Black Japanned Screen Door Spring Hinges
  Zinc Plated Stormproof Hinges No.1951
  Self Color Hinges,Light Quality
  Self Color Steel Butt Hinges No.1838
  Stainless Steel Hinges 1   2   3 
  Brass Hinges 1  2   3  4  5  6  7 

Hardware Tools

  European Type Pliers 1  2 
  USA Type Pliers 1   2   3 
  Adjustable Wrench
  Steel Measuring Tape
  Precision Screwdrive Set
  Straight Shank Jobber Drills
  Drawing die With Three Jaws
  Pipe Wrench
  Bolt Clipper
  Wood Shisel
  Grape Scissors
  Pruning Shear
  Compose Tools 1   2 
  Knives 1   2 
  Tweezers 1  2 
  Household Scissors
  Cloth Scissors
  Water Pump Pliers 1   2 
  Locking Pliers
  Style of Sleeves
  Package of Tools
  Slip Joint Pliers

Hardware (Staples,Bolts,Hooks)

  Galvanized Iron Screw Hooks
  Nickel-Plated Iron Screw Hooks
  Nickel-Plated Double Line Iron Screw Hooks
  Nickel-Plated Iron Screw Eyes
  Hooks and Eyes
  Other Furniture Hardware
  Curtain Rods
  Black Japanned Iron Hasps and Staples
  Black Japanned Iron Wire Hasps and Staples
  Assorted Color Light Quality Hasps and Staples
  Wire Cabin Hook With Staple
  Hi-Dassified Square Latch, Polished, Chrome Color
  Alloy Latch
  Board-Turnover Latch
  Big Round Headed Latch, Polish
  T Type Latch
  Stainless Steel Latch
  Advertising Nail:Chrome Color
  Advertising Nail:Gold Color
  Small Latch With New Long Handle, Polished
  1-1/4 Weidth Brass Six-Angle Latch in Chrome
  1-1/4 Weidth Brass Six-Angle Latch in Red Brass Color
  1-1/4Weidth Brass Six-Angle Latch, Polished
  Striking Ball
  Adjustable Striking Ball
  Mini Brass Latch, Chrome Plated
  Mini Brass Latch, Polished
  'O' Type Iron Tower Bolts
  'F' Type Iron Tower Bolts
  'A' Type Iron Tower Bolts
  Iron Cellar Window Bolts
  'P' Type Brass Plated Bolts
  Pad Bolts
  Black Japanned Heavy Bolts
  Black Japanned Neck Bolts
  Flat Tower Bolts
  Suffolk Latches
  Oval Pad Bolt
  Auto Gate Latch
  Handrail Bracket
  Zine and Black Plated Packing in Cartons 1   2 
  Bend Bolts
  Bolts Long-Handle
  Heavy Flat Tower Bolts
  Window Slider Stainless Steel
  Bolts Knobkerrie
  Bend Flat Tower Bolts
  Flat Tower Bolts Knobkerrie
  Tank Bolts
  Door Pulls Chromium Plated
  'D' Ring Bright Brass Plated
  Mirror Movement Bright Brass Plated
  Long Bolts Plastic Handle Zine Plated
  Bolts Zine Plated
  Door Handles 1  2  3   4  5  6  7   8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16    17 18  19  20   21 
  Door Bolts Zine Plated
  Iron Square Door Bolts
  Drawer Slide
  Long Bolts Iron Handle Zine Plated
  Drawer Slides Three Section
  Drawer Slides Two Section
  Bright Iron Bed Hinges
  Hose Clips American Type
  Hose Clips Hand-Whihing Type
  Picture Plated 'J' Hook
  Plan Movable Wheel
  Zinc. Expanding Pipe
  Right angle movable wheel
  Drawer Slides Two Section
  Injected deck wheel
  Brass Deck Wheel
  Brass Flying Wheel

Furniture Accesseries

  Decoration Glass

Solar power product series

  Solar power product series