Mica Powder

Mica Powder is one of our traditionalwpports.Owing to its good properties as high electric insulation and of high resistance to heat ,acid and alkali, mica powder has been widely used in recent years as insulating materials for electric equipment and appliances.Besides it is a new kind of additive suitable fir use in the plastic products,paint,rubber products,welding electrodes and various kind of cosmestics,etc.

It's main physical and chemical properties:







PH 7.5-8.5

Size:In powder,passing through 20,40,60,100,325,1250 mesh,etc.

Packing:In plastic woven bags.

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Mica Powder  


Wollastonite is aslo called Calcium Metasilocate with its molecular formular being CaSiO3 .With ideal aspect ratio and fine reinforcement properties,wollastonite of acicular crystal,exported by our Corp,may replace short-fibre asbestos,fibre talcum and glass fibre,etc.This product ,featuring good sealing properties,high melting point,low hot expansion,natural lower iron and very low impurities,is widely used in macromolecular compound materials which will therefore possess the comprehensive proi\perties in increasing strength,hardness,heat-resistance and good electricity,physical&chemical poroperties.At present,owing to its unique physical and chemical properties,wollastonite has been increasingly applied to various industries like metallurgy apoplied to various industrieslike metallurgy,construction,plastic,ceramic,rubber and painting,etc.

Its main physical and chemical properties are shown as follows:

Hardness:4.5 Whiteness:88
Specific Gravity:2.8-2.9 SiO2:45-51%
Melting Point:1500o CaO:44-49%
Loss on Lgnition:<3 Fe2O3:<0.3%


(1)In Lumps,1-10cm.

(2)In Powder,passing through 40,60,100,325 mesh.

PAcking:In plastic woven bags.


Silicon Metal
Silicon Metal is kind of very important metarial used by aluminium industries,chemicals,automobli,semi-conductor,refactory metarials.Theepport of our silicon matel has had a histiry of well over twenty years and as with its superior quality,it has enjoyed warm reception from our clients in all places.
Silicon Metal  
  Grade Si % min Impurity max % Size
Fe Al Ca
Lump1 Metallurgy 98.5 0.5 0.5 0.3 10-100mm 90%
Lump2 Cheical 99 0.4~0.2 0.4~0.2 0.1~0.03
Powder   98 0.8~0.5 0.5~0.2 0.3~0.05 200MESH,325ME/H,80%~90%PASSING THROUGH

Black Silicon Carbide

Black Silicon Carbide  
Black Silicon Carbide is brittle and sharp. It has a good electrical and heat conductivity. Micro hardness is 3100-3280 kg / mm2. Abrasive articles made of it are suited for working on metal and non-metallic material of low-tensive strength such as grey cast iron, brass, aluminium, stone material, leather and rubber etc. Moreover, it can also be used in the manufacture of refractory products and electric industry etc.

Green Silicon Carbide
Green Silicon Carbide  
Green Silicon Carbide has high purity. Its quality is brittle. Micro hardness is 3288-3400kg/mm2. Abrasive article made of it are suited for processing non-metallic materials with high hardness and brittle quality such as cemented carbides, optical glass, agate, ceramics as well as hard alloy etc. It can also be used in the manufacture of high-class refractory products, electrothermal products, electrical appliance products and the like.


Graphite Electrodes
Regular power Graphite Electrodes  
High power Graphite Electrodes  
They are used in eletrodes for electric arc furnaces in metallurgy, machinery and casting industry.