::  Fluorosilicic Acid
Fluorosilicic Acid  
1. Molecular formula:H2SiF6
2. Molecular weight:144.09
3. Property:Colorless,transparent and smoky liquid with penetrating odor;highly acidic;soluble in water and volatile;with disinfecting action;corrosive to glass,ceramics,lead and other metals;highly corrosive to human skin and harmful to people's respiratory organs;keep it in a container made of plastics.
4. Usage:Mainly applied to the preparation of aluminium fluoride,cryolite and sodium fluorosilicate.
5. Specificatios
Assay:(H2SiF6) 28% 40%
Impurity level:
Impurity name Index
Dissociate acid(HF) ≤1%
Sulfate(SO4) ≤0.1%
Iron(Fe) ≤0.004%
Heavy metal(Pb) ≤0.005%
6. Packing:25kg or 250kg plastic drum.
7. Caution at transportation:Corrosive;UN code:1778;specified number of hazardous goods:91036;class of risk:8.