::  Potassium Bifluoride
Potassium Bifluoride  
1. Molecular Formula:KHF2
2. Molecular Weight:78.10
3. Property:Colorless crystal of tetragonal system;freely soluble in water;acidic in aqueou solution;no loss of hydrogen fluoride in dry air while hydrogen fluoride released by absorbing moisture in moistair.

Usage:electrolyte in the preparation of fluorine;in manufacture of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride,potassium fluoride;optical glass and etched glass;also used as welding flux of various metal,wood preservative and catalyst of benzene alkylation.

5. Specificatios
Impurity level:
Impurity name Index
SiO3 ≤0.2%
Cl ≤0.05%
SO4 ≤0.05%
Fe ≤0.005%
Pb ≤0.005%
6. Packing:25kg plastic woven bag.
7. Caution at transportation:Inorganic toxicant;specified number of hazardous goods:83020 UN No:1811 Class of risk:8.3