::  Stannous Fluoroborate
Stannous Fluoroborate  
1. Molecular formula:Sn(BF4)2
2. Molecular weight:292.30
3. Property:Colorless and transparent liquid;relative density:1.6;aqueous solution containing a certain amount of free acid;freely oxidable if exposure to air for a long period;easily decomposable when heated or in water.
4. Usage:High-speed stannising and electroplating bath of pewter;highly purified product for the electroplating of printed circuits and electronic components.
5. 5. Specificatios
Impurity level:
Impurity name Index
Sn(BF4)2 ≥45%
Sn+2 ≥20%
H3BO3 ≤3%
HBF4 ≤2%
Cl ≤0.005%
SO4 ≤0.05%
Sn+4 ≤0.8%
Fe ≤0.05%
6. Packing:20kg plastic drum