::  Barium Fluoride
Barium Fluoride    
1. Molecular formula:BaF2
2. Molecular weight:175.324
3. Property:White cubic crystal;relative density:4.83;meltig point:1354??;soluble in chlorhydric acid,nitric acid,acetic acid and hydrofluoric acid and slightly in water.
4. Usage:Welding flux,optical glass and infrared transmitting film.
5. Specificatios
Assay: ≥98%
Impurity level:
Impurity name Index
HF ≤0.15%
S ≤0.1%
Pb ≤0.01%
P ≤0.01%
Hg ≤0.001%
6. Packing:25kg plastic woven bag.
7. Caution at transportation:Inorganic toxicant;UN code:1564;specified number of hazardous goods:83018;class of risk:6.1