::  Hydrofluoric Acid
Hydrofluoric Acid      
1. Molecular formula:HF
2. Molecular weight:20.01
3. Property:Liquor of hydrogen fluoride;colorless and transparent with penetrating odor;highly corrosive and extremely volatile;promplty corrsive to glass and silicide material,but incorrosive to polyethylene or platinum;fluoride formed in the reaction to metallic salts,oxidate and hydroxide.
4. Usage:Applied to such industries as chemicals,electronics,metallurgy,glass,enamel,mining,petroleum production and atomic energy.
5. Specificatios
Assay:40% 70%
Impurity level:
Impurity name Index
H2SiF6 ≤0.5%
H2SO4 ≤0.05%
Cl ≤0.01%
Fe ≤0.01%
6. Packing:25kg or 230kg plastic drum.
7. Caution at transportation:Poisonous;UN code:1790;Specified number of hazardous goods:91035;class of risk:8.