::  Fluozirconic Acid
Fluozirconic Acid    
1. Molecular Formula:H2ZrF6
2. Molecular Weight:207
3. Property:Colorless transparent liquid;precipitate crystal of Huorozirconic acid under ordinary temperature when its concentration is over 42%;poisonous.
4. Specificatios
Assay:40% 45%
Impurity level:
Impurity name Index
Dissociate acid (HF) ≤2%
Silicon(H2SiF6) ≤0.2%
Iron(Fe) ≤0.05%
5. Usage:In manufacture of optical glass and fluozir conate.
6. Packing:25kg plastic drum
7. Caution at transportation:inorganic poison goods;class of risk:8;UN code:3264